Robbin' The Hood

Step by step Guide

Step1: Stake your NFT to earn $GROAT

To start earning $GROAT you need to stake your NFT, this can be done at
When staking the NFT to earn $GROAT a dice will be rolled which will introduce a time limit before the $GROAT can be claimed and extra reward feature of a percentage increase per every 8 hours staked.
Once staked your Henchmen will start earning $GROAT which are claimable at any time.
For Merrymen holders, all you have to do is also stake them to start earning a proportion of the $GROAT earned by each Henchmen.

Step2: Generate $BLING using $GROAT

After your Henchman has earned $GROAT, simply claim and get $BLING by burning $GROAT at 1:12 ratio.

Step3: Use $BLING to level up the "Brutality Level" of Henchmen

Once you’ve claimed $BLING, apply this to your Henchmen to increase its ‘Brutality level’ allowing it to earn more $GROAT.
Once you have sufficient $BLING to increase the ‘Brutality level’ of your Henchmen NFT, apply this amount of $BLING and this will be written straight to its metadata, increasing its level by 1.
As your Henchmen levels up the difficulty increases, which then increases the amount of $BLING required to purchase the level up.
Also the duration increases as the ‘Brutality level’ increases.
All $BLING used will be burnt in the process of leveling up.