Robbin' The Hood

Key Game Dynamics

  • $GROAT is earned perpetually through the staking of the Robbin’ the Hood NFTs.
  • $BLING is earned by burning $GROAT at 1:12 ratio and they are used to level up Henchmen’s brutality level.
  • The higher the brutality level, the more $GROAT they earn during staking.
  • 20% of all harvests from Henchmen will be distributed to all staked Merrymen, with proportions determined based on each Merrymen’s alpha score.
  • For Henchmen to unstake, a minimum of 40 $GROAT earned through staking will need to be paid as unstaking fee, the unstaking fee will be burnt.
  • For Henchmen that are being unstaked, Merrymen will earn 20% of the total harvest after the unstaking fee is paid by the Henchmen.
  • Each time a Henchmen levels up, this will automatically claim the $GROAT balance accumulated for that particular NFT.
  • 20% of this automatic claim will go to the Merrymen.
  • When it is time for distribution of the 20% of the Henchmen's staking reward to all Merrymen. The amount allocated for each Merryman will be determined by each Merryman's Alpha Score.
  • Game is on the Binance Smart Chain #BSC