Robbin' The Hood


  • 7,500 Gen 0 NFTs can be minted using Dice roll mechanism.
  • Remaining 2,500 Gen 1 NFTs are minted with $GROAT.
  • Chance of getting Merrymen by mint is 10%.
  • Chance of getting Henchmen by mint is 90%.
  • Henchmen breakthrough the kingdom (stake) and steal (earn) $GROAT.
  • When Henchmen escape the Kingdom (unstake), they lose some $GROAT to the Merrymen (unstake fee).
  • Henchmen distribute the $GROAT they stole to sheriffs fortune and use some of them to prepare weapons ($BLING) which will level up their Brutality level helping them steal more $GROAT during the fight against Merrymen.